Our Story


Welcome and Thank You for stopping by Kosi Skincare. Skincare has been a concern for everyone since the ancient period. People have been trying various methods and ingredients with which they can attain a beautiful and ageless skin. Shea butter has lately gained popularity among ladies for its amazing skincare properties like skin softening and cleansing.  Shea and various other butters are a widely used remedy for skin care concerns in Africa.  Not only do these butters have properties of skin cleansing, but they also contain various healing and soothing properties for your skin. It relieves skin from stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, wrinkles, age spots, scars and many more. This is why shea butter is often called “women’s gold” or “Africa’s gold”.

At Kosi Skincare, we bring to you handcrafted luxury skincare products which are made using natural plant-based butters that are ethically sourced from Africa.  Our skin butters products are formulated with ‘organic plant extracted 100% pure therapeutic essential oils’ that are USDA certified organic. We have a vast knowledge of these butters and therefore, our goal is to provide everyone the benefits of these butters in all our products.

Our commitment at Kosi Skincare, is clean beauty, therefore our philosophy is to provide to our customers, Zero Water, Zero Toxin an Zero Waste Skincare, making sure that all products are PURE, CLEAN & SIMPLE, and one that offers maximum efficacy to healthy beautiful skin.


At Kosi Skincare we believe LESS IS MORE and that no skincare should ever have more ingredients than you can count on both hands, therefore we only use the fewest (which is way less than the industry standard of twenty or more), yet the highest grade quality ingredients in all our products.  We believe our customers will make the best choice in choosing us because our promise is to keep all our products Pure, Clean and Simple, with zero toxins, zero water, and zero waste.  Choosing a skincare product should never be that complicated with overwhelming number of ingredients and chemicals that is difficult to pronounce.

Here at Kosi Skincare our goal is to provide our customers with the best products using few, yet simplest formulated quality ingredients that actually works. This will enhance our customers skin natural functions and at the same time improve the planet and lives of our customers.

FOUNDER & CREATOR of Kosi Skincare

The founder of Kosi Skincare is Ms. Akosua and goes by the name Ms. Kosi to which her brand is named after.  As a woman born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Ms. Kosi is remarkably familiar with the usage of Shea butter because the use of this butter on her skin, started from birth, and is an age-old ancient tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in her family. Most African beauty rituals are always passed down from mother to daughter, for centuries.  In her culture, apart from using it for cooking, as soon as a baby is born, both the mother and baby’s skin and hair are nourished with nothing raw Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and other plant based oils with healing properties. The hot weather of her African region made it necessary to use Shea Butter to moisturize and protect skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun, while tightening and strengthening the skin, to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. 


In her late teens moving with her family, from Ghana to London England meant she was yet again faced with another harsh weather, which consisted of cold winter winds which caused dryness to her skin, and again Shea Butter became the most necessary and go to moisturizer for her whole family to use. 


Since shea is a plant based butter, the natural scent is nutty, and it ranges from mild to a wild earthy scent which can be a bit pungent, so as a little girl growing up although Ms Kosi used it because it was the only option available to use at home, she confesses to never really loving the scent at all.  After college, she later started experimenting on plant-extracted all-natural therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils and learning all the benefits it provided. She decided to start blending these oils with shea butter. During festive holidays she gifted her newly formulated scented shea butter to her family and friends who loved it and requested for more.  This is when the idea of Kosi Skin was born.


Ms. Kosi had a firm devotion to create an all-Natural & Zero Toxin Luxury skincare brand, with great benefits for all her customers, that would also blend seamlessly with true nature of the vast indigenous botanical life of Africa.  Today, the nourishing, soothing, regenerative, and healing properties of the brand, coupled with the traditional remedies of Africa, (where the ingredients are sustainably & ethically sourced) creates jobs and empower the lives for the women Shea cooperatives, who harvest the plants seeds for the precious oils and butters.


All Kosi Skin products are 100% natural and organic, with zero chemicals, zero water, zero preservatives and formulated by hand in small batches in their Duluth, GA studio/atelier, employing practices that are friendly to the environment and all its creatures.

Thank You for stopping by Kosi Skincare and please visit us again.